Awfull colors when exporting in PDF

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Hi everybody !

I am actually using Scribus to publish a student magazine.

I use for that the professionnal ICC profile of the printer. I use it to display colors out of gammut etc. Then I go to "Print preview", and everything is fine, colors seem quite good.

Then I export in PDF... And the PDF that comes out uses absolutely AWFUL colors, so ugly I'm not even thinking about publishing it.

Can someone help me and tell me what's the problem ?

Meho R.

Which PDF reader? And did you actually try to print a page or two? What you see on screen and what you get on paper are often two different worlds. So, try printing a page and see how it looks.

Also, a note, for electronic publications, when exporting to PDF (File > Export > Save as PDF) make sure you select "For Screen/Web" in Color tab, "Output intended for" section. Naturally, for printing you'd use "Printer" instead of "For Screen/Web".


I installed Scribus today and tried to export to pdf. Well, no good results...
Where did I fail?

I used the save for screen in the PDF-export. Same result in Foxit PDF reader.