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I am trying to design a 100-page book in Scribus Almost all pages need page numbers and running heads and I have set up master pages to incorporate those elements wherever required. They work fine when I print them out. But when I export the pages to PDF, the master page elements (page numbers and running heads) are missing. I have attached a four-page sample .sla and the resultant .pdf files here. Hope to hear from the experts.


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When you export as PDF - the option for 'Clip to Printer Margins' is selected - deselect this checkbox and generate.

FYI - this is how I identified this:

  • I took your SLA file, hit export to PDF and got the same output as you (none of the page furniture from your master page) = not your system
  • exported the SLA as an image ... and the page furniture appears = not a master page issue
  • I then edited the master page and slapped a big "Hello World" in the middle of the page, exported to PDF - the new content on the master page *did* appear = an issue with position on the page and/or how it is exported
  • looked at PDF export options for anything that might lead to cropping or page size modification = clip to printer margins




Thanks a lot, Rob,

That worked. I had the 'Clip to Printer Margin' checked, and the master page contents were outside the top margin. Thank you for pointing it out. I was thinking in terms of a missing layer. I should have asked you half a day earlier.