Scribus fails to export PDF to correct paper size

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Hi! I'm working on a book that is set for an 8 x 10 trade paperback.

I have set the document size to 8 x 10, bleed to .125, and margins to .25 for top, bottom outside; .5 for inside.

The document inside scribus is sized correctly, displays correctly on the monitor, but fails to produce a PDF of the correct size. Currently it lists it as 8.15 x 10.28 inch paper size, which won't work.

I have literally done everything possible to try to fix this, including setting both preferences and document setup dialogues to have the correct size, which they all in fact do.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I'm using SVN 24251, C--T-F-C1.15.10-64Bit on Ubuntu Linux.

If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. It's driving me crazy that the software isn't producing a PDF with the correct paper size.


I just recreated your books specs with 8 pages and exported to pdf and everything turned out correctly, I am using Linux Mint though with 1.5.7, do not have an Ubuntu box handy. I would recommend double checking the tab where the bleed is set on the pdf export dialog and make sure the check box is checked for 'using document bleed' setting, which should grey out all of the bleed sides and fill with .125".

Inside the preferences you can preset the pdf export options, maybe it is pulling from there if the previous check box is not checked???



I have done that exact thing, and tried not doing it with still the same results. I am using the appimage of scribus; could that be an issue?

This is a very frustrating problem and I don't know where the extra dimensions are coming from.


It turns out that rebooting the computer fixed the problem, which is not the way to have that get fixed. Now the paper size is reported as 8.12 x 10.25 which is correct.