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creating visiting-card

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In which case we're in total agreement!

so did you get it to work yet?, if not can you share the .sla

Thanks Rob, i'm going to work it out this weekend.

Thanks Rodney as well (i think our last messages crossed). I hope to get it clear this weekend.

Hi Rodney (and maybe also Rob)
Probably i don't understand the basic working of Scribus. Before i created visitingcards with Open Office but the lay-out was quite primitive), so i found Scribus.
I red the detailed manual of Rob but sorry for a part i couldn't understand.

My purpose is to create a visiting card 90-55 mm (i only need 50-60 cards). To lower the costs i want to cut it myself.
The idea was to create a 3x3 table (4x3 doesn't fit) on a A4, to create in the first table cell (first row, first column and so i did) a lay-out with frames etc and to copy it to the other cells. Than export to pdf > printshop (240 gr paper). Voila. But no, i couldn't copy and paste the first cell to the other cells  ::). It worked in O.O. But i realize Scribus has a totaly other concept.

So i send you the .sla and i hope you can explain me how to do it. Probably it helps me also to understand Scribus a bit more.
Kind regards Eos


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