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creating visiting-card

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You're on the right track ..

1. Just delete the 3x3 table - it's really not needed (or helpful!)
2. Select All (the content you already have) either with Ctrl+A or select with mouse area
3. Group the items to create one object: Ctrl+G or Item > Grouping > Group
4. Copy and Paste the Group
5. Align and Distribute (under Windows menu in Scribus), select align to Margins and align right
6. Paste Again and align to margins centre - you now have three cards in a row evenly distributed

Paste another six copes and align each using the different margin alignments.

You don't need to this but ff you want to see the layout use Page > Guides and add horizontal and vertical guides to create the grid you want (guides don't print but they are useful for alignment and visualising the layout).

…or even better:
after deleting the table and selecting the whole content go to 'item' → 'duplicate/transform' → 'multiple duplicate' → 'by rows and columns'
here you specify your three rows and three columns (and a gap – if needed…)


Thank you all.
I see for working with Scribus i need to think in an other way i'm used. Will take some time and al lot of experiment.
But i think Scribus is a nice program.


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