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Hi people,
i'm new with Scribus. Totally new, so have mercy  ;D
I tried to create on an A4 format 12 visiting-cards and made in Tables 4 rows and 3 columns (12).
In the first rectangle (above, left) i made with frames a layout with text and image and so far so good.
Then i tried to copy that rectangle (first activated) and wanted it to paste in the next rectangle but it didn;t work.
Probably it's not the way to do it.
Can someone help me and explane me which is the best way to do it?
Thanks in advance

First off - welcome to the club.

The answer to your question depends on how your visiting cards are getting printed.

... And the first thing to get out there is what Scribus is intended for - its primary purpose is the generation of print ready PDFs .. for a print shop. Print shops have big machines that do cutting and trimming.

If you're getting the cards printed - just create a document with a page at the size of your card. Export as PDF with trim and bleed marks and let the print shop go from there ...

On the the other hand if you're printing (and trimming) from home then you have two options:

* Create the card as tho for the print shop, duplicate the page 12 times and use your printer settings to print multiple pages to a sheet.
* Create an A4 sheet and copy frames to create a '12 to a sheet' layout
From your description you've already gone with option 2 - which is perfectly doable (although requires some maths for margins) ... in which case:

* I would start with a blank document and add 4 horizontal and 2 vertical guides to the page to create a 3 by 4 grid ... and the 4th horizontal guide is for your printers bottom margin. You don't actually need these but it helps visualise the page.
* Create text frames as needed in the top left corner taking care to think about *margins* and white space around this 'card'
* Once you're happy and assuming you have multiple frames in your design .. 'Ctrl+A' (select all), 'Ctrl+G' (group), Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+V (paste)
* Align & Distribute options - align the newly pasted group horizontally to the centre
* Paste again - align and distribute this object to the right of the page
* You should now have a row of three cards across the top of the page distributed evenly
* Select all (three items), Group, Copy, Paste - align to bottom of the page ... but move up to cater for any print margins
* You should now have two rows at top and bottom of the page
* Paste two more rows, then select all (four rows) and use Distribute to create equal space between them
* Export as PDF, print and guillotine as needed
Note that at no point in the above did I mention tables - they are, IMHO, not your friend in this scenario.

Don't use frames, just draw your layout with non printing lines, group your items to be cut and pasted then cut and paste, I think you might find it easier.


--- Quote from: RodneyLee on August 25, 2021, 04:44:42 pm ---Don't use frames, ...

--- End quote ---


This statement is confusing, everything on the page is a frame. If you want text: Insert > Text Frame

I was thinking Tables, sorry about that


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