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Creating lines for answers in a workbook

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The problem here is the total width of the paragraph line is less than 119 mm so the tab is to wide for that frame - try setting the tab position to 80mm OR just make the frame wider and you should see the tabs appearing.

Still not working...Khmer or English, neither works.

Hmm - can't really suggest anything else at this point.

I've attached an example SLA with two text frames, one in English, one in Khmer (from here: and both are using right tabs will fills.

Tabs are defined in the styles - the second one is at 120mm, right and fill = dot
1. Right Filled Tab Example Style: Arial
2. Right Filled Tab Example Khmer font Style: Khmer Regular (standard Google one .. you might need to substitute if you use something else)



well, there's something strange with the right tab stop.
when you put it exactly at the righthand edge of the frame, it only works without a paragraph or line break. but if you move your tab stop a tenth of a millimeter to the left, it will work with the breaks.
…and there may be an issue with tabs after spaces (at least there once was…) if it doesn't work, try to generate your lines (hit the tab key) and insert the blanks later.


It finally worked! To be honest, I'm not completely sure how or why, I was just desperately changing random settings.
Following utniks last comment I set the tab as close as possible to the edge of the frame, trying by the tenth of millimeters how far I can go, without it  creating a line break. For the first point that has two answer lines, I added a zero width space at the end of the line to create a line break without taking away from the length of the line and then continued with tab (because a regular line break would create another bullet point). I then manually set a left tab for the second line to match the beginning with the line above.

If this continues to work well, I have found my solution for creating the lines. If not, I'll pick the topic up again later  ;D

Thank you for your help! It is much appreciated.


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