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Creating lines for answers in a workbook

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I am going to make a workbook, in which the reader is supposed to write the answers to the questions on the respective lines in the workbook. I am looking for the best option to create these lines and I haven't found anyone talking about this so far.
I did a similar project before and ended up creating a seperate character style that is underlined and put lot's of spaces to create the lines. But it wasn't a very smooth solution I thought there should be a better way to do it. I will have more workbook projects in the future and would appreciate any help to find a good way to do this.
Thanks in advance for any help.

hi ewac

you should use 'patterns' for your lines.

* create a set of your lines (or just the baseline, if you like) and a rectangle (or vertical line) without a color to define the vertical distance between your lines
* select the line set and the rectangle
* with'item' → 'send to' → 'patterns' you make it available in 'properties' → 'colors' → 'fill' for your whole document.if you need the same patterns in different documents, i would consider to create a template with them…


Thank you so much for the reply!
If I understand your solution correctly, that would only work for lager areas that are supposed to be equally filled with lines. I'm not sure how to apply that to my document(s).
The lines usually start right after the question. Some are long, some are short, some go over multiple rows, most are supposed to go all the way to the margin for a smooth look.
The screenshot shows an example, those lines were created by the author with an underline score. Not much formatting has been done yet.

Two options to consider:

1. Paragraph style with tab stops
Edit > Styles >  New > Paragraph Style
Tabs and Indentation: Add a tab stop (click on the ruler)
Set the Tab to be 'Right', set the position to your margin width
Set the fill character to be dot or underscore ...
Hit Done
Apply this paragrpah style to the 'questions' you want to have a user submission part - after the text hit 'tab' .

2. Manual lines
Create your text - don't add anything for where the answers are going to go
Insert > Line
Draw a line on the page (doesn't matter if it's not horizontal)
Properties: set the rotation to 0.0
Move your line to where you want it (use align to margins). If a line is too long or too short, select the line, hold the Ctrl* key and drag the start anchor where you need it
If you want to get fancy and have all lines equally spaced out (I would - the human eye is remarkably sensitive to misalignment)

* Draw one line .. place it in line with the top most question
* copy and paste the line .. for was many times as you have text lines on the page
* move one of the lines to the bottom most text line
* select all of the lines (but not the text frame)
* Align and Distribute > Distribute > Make vertical gaps equal
* Align and Distribute > Align > To Margins > Align right
* Delete any 'line' you don't need. adjust length of lines as above
* Ctrl key on windows .. locks the resizing to specific grid, makes it easy to keep horizontal, don't what the key is on Linux

Thank you, Rob, for the ideas.
Manual lines seem like a complicated solution, as the lines will have to be aligned to the margins as well as the text lines and the distance between the question and the beginning of the line should also be equal.

I gave your first solution a try, but can't seem to make it work. Nothing happens. Maybe I'm missing something in the way I set up the tab stop. See screenshot. (I have tried it without the bullet list and also tried it with english text, just to see if that makes a difference, but no).


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