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Install older Version like 1.4.8


how would i install an older Version like 1.4.8 in Manjaro xfce?
In 1.5.7 i don't have the text tab in the properties palette..

I am not an expert when it comes to linux but while trying to get Scribus installed today I learned the following:

--- Code: ---sudo apt search scribus

--- End code ---
Will bring up the list of software related to Scribus, one package there is called scribus-ng which, although I can't find out what -ng stands for, it seems to offer an alternative version, though systems may have different ng versions. For me on my raspberry pi it is 1.4.0
and the regular version is 1.4.8

I am having the opposite problem. I need 1.5.x on my raspberry pi.

hi haines

--- Quote from: Haines on August 13, 2021, 05:16:52 pm ---…In 1.5.7 i don't have the text tab in the properties palette…
--- End quote ---

but you have a 'content' palette (f3) for text, images, tables…



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