No text tab in properties palette

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in my Version 1.5.7 on Manjaro Linux xfce i don't have the text tab in the properties palette,
when selecting text.
Is it a bug, or am i missing sth.?
thanks Haines

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This may not be your issue - but it is quite easy to turn the content properties window off (this would remove 'Text Properties' properties palette when working with text frames).

It is also possible to 'undock' just the one window - it could be hiding somewhere. I have done this myself - and moved a floating window out of the way (screen edge) and then forgotten about it .. causing much head scratching the next day.

Verify content properties is on: Windows Menu > Content Properties
(F3 key on Windows - don't know the equivalent on linux)

With this on - the text properties tab is continuously displayed when I have either the frame selected, have the cursor in the frame or have text selected in the frame.

On the other hand if 'Text Properties' is docked in the palette when you select the frame and only disappears when you select text then that sounds like a much harder technical problem for which, unfortunately, I have nothing to offer.