Todas as imagens desapareceram

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Salvei o projetosla e também pdf, com sucesso. Quando abri o SCRIBUS novamente para fazer uma correção TODAS as imagens desapareceram. No lugar ficaram quadros com nome da foto e terminação. (ver arquivo)

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hi daniel

scribus can't find the linked images any more. this happens when you move the images or the .sla file.
as the images are in different folders, if all of them are gone, you may have have moved your .sla file to another location. if only some of the images are missing, take a look at 'extras' → 'manage images' to see the original path of them.
if you need to move your file, you should use 'file' → 'collect for output'. scribus will then create a folder with the .sla file and copies of all the files used in the document (and optionally the used fonts and color profiles...)