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In the good old PageMaker days, it was easy to print an A5 booklet onto A4 sheets, because PageMaker could provide the right sequence of pages.

Then came Indesign, and maybe it was because I did not look close enough, the thing seemed to be that it was not as easy anymore.

Then I got tired of using a program I could not afford and I moved to Scribus, a couple of years ago now.

Scribus can definitely not achieve all the niceties Indesign offers, among which going from A5 pages to A4 sheets for printing on one's home printer.

Now, if somebody can show me that I am mistaken and there is an easy way to do that to be found somewhere, let me know...

Otherwise I have written a little “program” that does that. It is to be found on Github, under “Scribus_to_Print”.

Check it out and let me know.

Thank you!

hi jeanpaulbardou

as the main goal of scribus is to generate high quality .pdf files and most .pdf readers provide a 'brochure-printing' function, i never missed a similar function in scribus tself…


InDesign actually has a booklet print function:

Yes, but almost nobody prints from Scribus, all seasoned users create a PDF and print from the PDF viewer. And most PDF viewers have booklet printing.

So an easier solution is to get a better PDF viewer.


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