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1.5x Catalina Not Launching

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so I tried Scribus-1.5.7-CatalinaPy3.dmg  and it still would not launch. Keep getting Kern Memory errors in Apple report. Everything else on the Mac works fine.

Try deleting your prefs and let scribus recreate them.


Simply delete that Scribus folder and relaunch the

Note, you will need to use the go menu on the finder, and then select "go to folder"... as its a hidden folder.

Just for the record: I am running Scibus 1.5.8 SVN Revision 24739 on a 27" iMac from 2013 with macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H1519) without any problems. I even use it for commercial work for my own collaterals to be printed professionally.

I have some 2,300 professional Open Type Fonts on my system, no problem with those. In addition, I have downloaded and installed the latest Ghostscript-9.55-Full here:

Everything is working flawlessly, even with large 16 bit TIFF files.

Just to say that Scribus is stable and running on a Catalina system.


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