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Only JPEG. I have to confess I am not 100% sure it is 16x16 pixels...  Yes, it seems to be called MCU (Minimum Coded Unit). But there is also an 8x8 pixel restriction

--- Quote ---The top and left edge of a JPEG image must lie on an 8 × 8 pixel block boundary, but the bottom and right edge need not do so. This limits the possible lossless crop operations, and also prevents flips and rotations of an image whose bottom or right edge does not lie on a block boundary for all channels (because the edge would end up on top or left, where – as aforementioned – a block boundary is obligatory).
--- End quote ---

I don't think there is lossy compression possible with TIFF?

Thank you very much for clarification on this matter. I was asking because I've made hundreds of flyers, brochures, maxi postcards* and books with Scribus (for more than 10 years by now), but »only« with 16/48 bit TIFFs @300 dpi. Many of the images had been scaled and cropped in Scribus, and the results have been extremely sharp, clean and crisp. So, after reading about the compression problems, I wondered if there are the same limitations with TIFFs.


I did some additional tests with tiff-files and found out that compressing the image first to 300 dpi with the Python Pillow package (used in my script) and then creating the pdf-file gives about 25% reduction in pdf file size versus compressing to 300 dpi with Scribus pdf creation only.


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