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‘PhotoBook Tools’ is a collection of scripts and tricks intended to create photo album pages in a fast and flexible way with Scribus. Please read the ‘Instructions’-file for installation and use!

Summary of workflow:
1) ‘PhotoBookLayoutMaker’-script generates image frame layouts (you can save them in the Scrapbook for future use).
2) Insert images in bulk into your image frames.
3) ‘PhotoBookFillFramesCentered’-script performs automatically a maximal fill of the selected image frames. If needed you can manually adjust.
4) ‘PhotoBookImageCropResize’-script will crop your images to the image frames and resize them to the desired dpi (reduction of file size).
5) Edit caption texts (if you have created them in step 1).
6) Export your photo book to pdf or other formats.

For Scribus 1.5.6 and higher (needs Python 3; tested in Windows 10 and Linux).

 Wow! Though I guess I will never use these scripts, I really appreciate your work to develop these scripts for the community.

Your #4: …and resize them to the desired dpi (reduction of file size).
This can be done while exporting the file to a PDF by setting the highest possible DPI value:

@toyotadesigner: Thanks for your encouraging words.

About your remark: I found out by experimenting that even with maximum image compression, the PDF size is much higher than with using the ‘PhotoBookImageCropResize’-script.

The compression option for PDF export does, as far as I know, not crop the images.

I know we had disussions in the past about cropping images, because if the cropping does not follow 16 pixel multiples, the cropping will force a recompression of the file (losing quality), because JPEG compression compresses 16x16 pixel blocks. So I had a suggestion for script that looks at the desired crop but crops slightly larger (to avoid recompression). Then the image retains it's quality, and the visible part can be cropped by the image frame.

Does this behavior apply only to JPEG images, or to TIFF images as well?


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