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Lorem Ipsum and other languages


I was looking over a users issue from LibreOffice regarding labels and was testing the label after removing the the border, making sure the label still accepted text. I copied and pasted a small part of lorem ippum  to the lable to make the test.

I then noted to myself that LO and Scribus are used the world over, in many languages and thought about lorem ipsum is used as a standard looking text for layout testing.
But what about other languages?  Like RTL, Verticle. Are there any equivalents to lorem ipsum, and not just direct translations of it, for other languages?
This seems like a worth while addition for user contributions for Scribus and LO.

Would like to hear other ideas on such an addition.

hi admfubar

at the moment scribus supports sample text for 21 different languages (including arabic).
you may still miss some languages, and i didn't try any rtl features (as i'm not familiar with rtl languages) - but it's not just 'lorem ipsum'…


You missed the point of my suggestion entirely.


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