uneven rendering of fonts

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I am a new user using the latest stable version on windows 10.
When I export to PDF I am noticing that the letter 'l' is distorted see attached example.
The undistorted view is a screenshot from the Scribus Editor
The view with distorted 'l's is an screenshot from Adobe Acrobat
The selected font is Verdana.  The top line is 13pt and the bulleted lines are 10pt.

please could someone could explain what's going on here and advise what I could do to avoid this.


[attachment deleted by admin]


Did you try printing the PDF?

How does it look if you zoom in?

Most likely it is just a screen viewing issue due to that the font for some reason lacks good hinting (or that then hinting information for some reason is lost, maybe due to subsetting).

(Hinting is data telling how to render the font in low resolutions, when parts end up in between pixels)


Thanks, zooming in didn't improve this. However, with a larger font I am now satisfied its OK.