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Can a Hero please explain the logic behind Auto Linespacing and how one would exploit the feature?

I want to observe the effect of Automatic linespacing at various font sizes, as described in Help "Text Properties". 

I attach a simple Linespacing SLA, best used showing all whitespace characters.

There are no defined styles in the document.
The default font is Arial Regular 11pt
Auto Linespacing is set at 100%

I built a textboxes with default styling.
In f3, I set First line offset to Line Spacing.
I then populated the text, and duplicated it to get six boxes.
Then I selected the entire text and set a test font size value.

I was expecting each text box to occupy an increasing vertical space, but that does not seem to be the case.

The 1st 3 lists are all (nearly) the same height - The bottom of the final pilcrow is at 42mm, 42mm & 42.5mm respectively.
Only when the font increases above 14pt does the list height increase significantly, but the line spacing is still closer than I would have expected.

I note the pilcrow symbol is sized at 11 point in every line of all lists.

What is the logic?
When is Auto Line Space useful?  And How do you use it?
Automatic Line spacing is set at 100% - but of what value??

Using under Windows 10

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