Adding new pages creates orphaned linked text boxes

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I have a document using a template of someone else's creation. I am not sure if it was created with Automatic Text Box Creation ( What I do know is that when I do the following, a number of linked text boxes appear virtually hundreds of pages down the virtual desktop, far past any existing pages (screenshot enclosed):

  • Click Page > Insert
  • Specify
  • pages
  • Choose "After Page" [input page] (This also happens if I choose "Before Page")
  • Confirm "Move Objects with their Page" is checked
  • Clock "OK"

When I opt to select "At End", to have the pages inserted after the last page, the newly inserted pages appear as expected, with linked text boxes placed where one would expect them. I subsequently have to delete and replace them because they aren't the right size, but I don't have to scroll past the end of the document to find orphaned text boxes.

Has anyone encountered this before? If someone sets up a document to automatically generate text frames, is there a way to defeat that?

Appreciate any insights!

Scribus 1.4.5
Windows 10, 64-bit

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Sorry nobody answered this in a timely way.

Here's what I would do:

Forget the other guy's template and create a new doc from scratch.



I didn't finish that. Leave your new file with nothing in it except as many blank pages as you need.
Then, go to your old file, zoom out as far as you can go, and copy chunks of pages into the other
file. This will cause the new file to also import all of the styles. It should copy all of the text boxes as well
and the graphics, everything. 

Then, when you have it all copied over, try adding one page at the end and see if it goes ok.

I don't know for sure that this will work, but it is a possible course of action which may work. 
You will probably have to clean up the styles in the new file, because new copies will be imported with
every copy and past operation; this is why I say zoom way out, so you can copy a number of pages at a time.


I have the same issue with a document that I started from scratch. I don't even use automated text boxes and these random, linked textboxes, seemingly hundreds of pages down from the document appear out of nowhere.