"Combine Polygons" does not work (menu gray)

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I drew two polygons with tools "Polygon", one red and another green, stack them, and select both two polygons, then click menu "Item > Path Tools > Combine Polygons", but the menu "Combine Polygons" is gray.

What can I do to make it active(not gray)?


I encountered the same problem.I can draw two polygons,for instance,two rectangles,and just put one behind another,then I went to Item>Path Tools>Combine Polygons,It was grey out.Then I grounped these two shapes,do it again,still grey out. How can I do?


i never had a problem with combining polygons. but there may be a confusion between 'item' → 'path tools' → 'combine polygons' and the boolean combination under 'item' → 'path tools' → 'path operations'.
if your polygons have no fill color, and share the same stroke properties, you may not notice any change when combining them. (and if they are combined, 'combine polygons' is grayed out, but 'split polygons' becomes selectable...)
if you need a single shape from the combined outline of your primary polygons, you should use the boolean combination under 'item' → 'path tools' → 'path operations'.