Can Scribus Create a Booklet?

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Previously I used InDesign, but I don't have access anymore so, I'm learning Scribus. Is there a template or a tutorial or something so I can create a booklet or am I out of luck.


hi mike

if you're use to work with id, it shouldn't be too hard to create booklet with scribus. there are templates out there, but i never saw something prepared exactly to my needs. for a simple booklet i would always create my own file from scratch.
if you need a manual for scribus, take a look at 'floss manuals'.



As far as I know every PDF viewer has the ability to print a booklet. And Scribus can create a PDF.


Hm, for what reason do you want to create the booklet yourself?

In most cases, a print shop uses a special software to re-arrange the pages, which relates to the size/format of the paper sheets and the direction of the paper running direction (important for folding the paper in the following process).

In short words: If you want to have your booklet printed professionally (even with digital printing), you can deliver a PDF with single pages (not! double sided), they will feed it into the software an in less than a minute they can print the document, fold and cut the booklet to the desired dimensions.

If you want to print a booklet on your home printer and have a Mac, there is a PDF sorter that does exactly this for paper sizes up to DIN A4 or US Letter size. One of the many options is available here: If you are not on a Mac, I have no idea how to handle this.


Sorry for the late reply, I thought I'd get an e-mail notification for replies.

After posting this I was able to find this: although the helper script didn't seem to work.

@toyotadesigner - I'm doing this for our church (directory) and the local collage will print it. I was just trying to get it all set up correctly, but the last time I did it, they ended up doing the imposition.

Thanks everybody.


You don't need the helper script. It is only useful if you have a very old version of Adobe Reader that can just du n-up printing.

All newer versions seem to already support booklet printing.