How to contribute patches?

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I'm looking for the right way to start writing code for scribus. I found this wiki-page that says I should fork the github-repository. But on github it says "The Scribus development team prefer svn over git and recommend you also use the public subversion repository at svn://".  :)
So my question is: What is the usual/best/correct way that new programmers should go to start contributing? Thanks!



that page does not say anything about using github.

anyway, if you're used to git, for your own sanity you should probably use the gitlab or github mirror and produce patches that you upload to .



Probably a little late, but I just wanted to say thank you for the clarification on how to submit a patch. I hadn't understood svn and the workflow of the project correctly and was looking for a way to submit something like a merge request I guess. Now I know that I can just upload patches to the bug tracker. :-)