role of moderator replying to older posts and sorting old documentation

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I note an older post on a completely unrelated topic from the time-frame 2017-18 that provided the best rendition of the information I needed on the topic I needed. I wish to add and update what I have learned to the subject discussed, which was not germane to the topic title.

Starting a newer topic would disconnect it from what is the actual (valuable) discussion in that older post.  I thought that a way to alert users to this is to post and then select the Report to Moderator, who can then perhaps too note the discussion subject matter is a far cry from what the topic is titled and get the information directed to the proper search topic.  The forums, the Wiki and the Help Manual let alone Google are an arcane, outdated, incomplete, and organizational mess that leads to the kind of posting question I have here.  Many times I think this accrues to essentially ordinary non-technical users and after weeks of frustration leads us to to turn away from Scribus.

However my impression of Report to Moderator should only be used to alert to egregious or fraudulent behavior.  Is this the only case where the selection should be used or is my thought about trying to alert to post new useful information in old places also a function of the moderator?  Perhaps there is another Administrative group for this?