Properties window. Why is Shift used for small increments, and not Ctrl?

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I'm beginning a book about scribus.
I am wondering why, unlike a lot of other programs, in scribus, in the properties window for instance, Ctrl isn't used for small increments and Shift for big increments.
As Ctrl usually means more control, more preciseness, and Shift usually means bigger changes.
I'm a bit curious, thanks in advance for the answer(s).
I'm getting back to the book :)



indeed, the modifiers are not always the best ones.

what we would need is a list of all this modifiers for movements in all main programs and try to get them to be as compatible with one another as possible.

clearly, the main goal should be to have the free apps (blender, gimp, inkscape, krita, scribus) to behave the same.

you're welcome to create such a table (maybe also listing the incompatibilities :-) and put it in the wiki or in the bug tracker!
any reader here can do this work an contribute it to scribus and the other apps!

i don't think it will be unnoticed.