EPS image with extra white space when printer prints it

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The problem iam facing is when i create an EPS image from scribus which is used in my SQR program to be printed by the printer, the printer prints the image perfectly fine on the coordinate settings where i intend, BUT after the image has been printed, blank space almost equal to a blank page appears and then the remaining text is printed. I tried resizing the image, changing the document and page setup in scribus but none of it worked. I took a sample eps image (not created in scribus) which worked perfectly fine for me but when i import it into scribus to create another eps out of it, same problem occurs, extra space almost equal to the page is added to the output. Also next to the image there is text that needs to be printed but somehow printer prints the eps image perfectly but then adds up extra space both vertically and horizontally. Please advise is there any special setting that needs to be done when creating an eps so that printer prints the eps image and No extra extra white space is added to the output.