Apple Silicon support

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I was looking through the Mantis tracker and I found an issue opened for native Apple Silicon support. They marked the issue as resolved, with a 1.7 milestone target, but the resolution field is open.

I have an M1 pro MacBook Pro and an old Intel Mac mini at home. Scribus works great on the Mac mini. And it works well on the MacBook Pro using Rosetta emulation. But I'm getting a lot of spinning beach balls (which eventually resolve themselves) with certain tasks. The biggest issue seems to be the scripting engine. Python scripts run significantly slower on Apple Silicon. The other one that seems to be a problem is right clicking on a text box and choosing "Adjust frame to text height." This can cause a spinning beach ball for as long as 5 minutes before I get control back of app.

Is anyone else seeing ay issues with Scribus on Apple Silicon?