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frames within text frames

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Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I know I can open those in the edit mode by double-clicking.  The problem is that the preview images are so small that it is difficult to tell what you're editing until after you open it.  This can get rather tedious when you have lots of inline frames that look very similar in the microscopic preview.  ;-)

I had specific needs to have frames inside frames.  In particular, I want call-out boxes to flow with the main text of the story which flows from one page to the next.  It's nice that I can do this... I just hope that eventually it will become more user-friendly to do so.  As of now, it's functional, but very awkward.

Thought I had a solution for you, by copying into the scrapbook first. But the scrapbook has the same small thumbnail issue as the inline image,


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