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I always that that last button was Indent and Outdent


--- Quote from: RodneyLee on May 29, 2021, 04:30:15 pm ---I always that that last button was Indent and Outdent

--- End quote ---

the tooltip sais 'left to right paragraph' and 'left to right paragraph'…


I'm not sure what Right to Left text is really supposed to be, but it does come out looking like just a right justification, even using the Hebrew filler text.  All the symbols are in exactly the same order, facing the same direction, it just goes flush right, ragged left.  I assumed symbols that were far left when flush left, would go far right when swapped, but they don't.  I thought it would be a mirror image.

I don't think the symbols should be mirrored in a right-to-left text. Maybe the order of the symbols does not change for already written text, but what if you enter new text?


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