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I am using version (Manjaro Linux) and trying to open an old SLA file that I created some years ago with an old version of Scribus (maybe 1.4 but I cannot remember).
The Hebrew text is reversed (mirrored) and I cannot find the flipped 'R' option  button in order to correct this.
Any idea where this button disappeared to?

Not sure it's exactly what you want - but you can mirror the text frame horizontally ..

Select the Frame and go to Properties.  Just below the frame geometry is the basepoint selector ... and below that is a row of buttons. The first one is 'Group the Selected Objects' (which will be disabled) and the second is "Flip horizontally" which mirrors the whole frame (Icon is a double headed horizontal arrow).

hi david

i have no experience with rtl text, but afaik it is the button i marked on the screenshot.


Thanks Robsay and Utnik for your answers.

In fact the solution of Robsay works fine, but Utnik - the button you pointed out just affects alignment and not reversing.


If those two buttons on the right are for alignment, what are the 5 buttons to the left for?


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