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32 page leaflet - 875 MB pdf output

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I tried to find some solutions from existing threads, but didn't find, so...

I have 85 MB .sla file with 32 A4 pages. There is NO images in pages.
It has been merged from 16 2-page spreads. Each spread is 5 -6 MB, so total scribus file size is ok.

When i generate pdf (for printing) from a single spread file, result is about same size pdf (actually a bit smaller).
When i merge second spread to the file (total 4 pages), generated pdf is 17 MB.
When i merge 2 more spreads to the file (total 8 pages), generated pdf exeeds 66 MB

When all the spreads (32 pages) are merged, it results huge 875 MB pdf file. It's quite impossible to handle it - my acrobat pro doesn't open the file or opening takes too long time.

I managed to load the 850 MB file to Adobe's pdf converter page and it resulted a 2,7 MB file with best quality option.

We are doing couple more of this kind of leaflets. Any suggestions how to reduce pdf size?

I managed to reduce a bit the resulted pdf with settings advised: from 875 MB to 849 MB, but the main proble still exists.


Hi - the sizes you are quoting seem to be extremely large.

32 pages ... 875MB ... that's averaging >25MB per page.

What is your content made up of?

For reference - I have a 376 page scribus doc including images, vectors, multi-frame text in multiple layers. The whole scribus file is <10MB (+ external images) and the generated PDF is ~190MB with embedded ~1200 eps images.

Now just to make it interesting - my acrobat (not pro) just hangs when opening my 190MB file - which is not really surprising. If I open it in Chrome the embedded PDF viewer handles it fine - including the facing pages layout - but with just a bit of a delay on rendering each page. To open in your browser, right click on file, open in Chrome ... or copy file location and paste into browser bar. FWIW my print shop says the PDFs are fine ..


What settings do you have such that your document is less than 10 megs?

No special settings .. I'm not even using 'Save in compressed format'

Document setup is: A4 facing pages, dimensions in mm - guides and margins defined by ~10 master pages
Styling is done with approximately 30 custom paragraph, character & line styles - I minimise use of directly applied formatting (although there is some).

Total word count is probably >50,000,  ~1200 eps images + 50 non-eps  - all linked - none embedded.

File comes in at 7.52 MB

I have not understood if the "merge" is done on the SLA or the PDF, if it is done on the PDF, my qualified quess is that the tool used just combines the PDF. That would mean every embedded font becomes duplicated several times.

A "smart" tool would recognize duplicates of the same font and only embed it once.


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