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Text / Image Frames and Shapes look 'liquid'.

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Hello everyone,

I work with Scribus 1.5.7 on Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon;

unfortunately I have this type of inconvenience:  :(
when I create a text frame the frame does not follow the mouse cursor as it should be, it does so with a lot of delay and this involves a considerable waste of time and precision;
even if I want to make a change to the width / height the movements take place with a considerable delay so as to make the frame seem 'liquid'.
Of course, this also happens with the Picture Frame and with the various shapes.

If I can't fix it I'll have to give up using Scribus, if anyone has a tip to solve it's welcome ... Thank you very much... :)

I am attaching a short video of the problem.!AoGXKrerEgqrgRqIIqAmGZjThqfM?e=LU7tyS

I just tested here, Mint 20.xx no problem what so ever, try turning off your grid, is your System ram low?

I also just tested on Mint 20.1 and had no problems also. That problem looks to be ram or video card problem to me.



@RodneyLee and @mnawij

Thanks for your interest and for the answers,
you too with Mint 20.1 Cinnamon?

I have a desktop pc with 8GB of RAM and I don't have any other malfunctions with other software;
I work a lot with Inkscape and Gimp, even when I keep them open at the same time with Firefox I have never encountered any slowdowns or malfunctions.

Only with Scribus it happens to me with or without a grid, I tried to uninstall and reinstall but, nothing changes.
Do you think 8GB of ram is few? Even to make a single text frame?

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it very much ...



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