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I'm using column and page breaks in one of my projects along with many different paragraph styles. I'm a little confused about the way they work.  :(

- What I need: a Col/Page Break at the end of a line (before the return) so the next can have a different style.
- What is happening: the return character gets applied AFTER the Col/Page Break, so there's a leftover empty line before the next one begins in the next page or column. As if it was not enough, the spacing below gets applied AFTER the return, so there's additional leftover space!

- For pages I can use unlinked text frames. Works but I really don't like that approach.
- I can apply the Col/Page Break at the beginning of the next line. Doesn't work properly since often there's background color in that next line, so it bleeds to the previous col/page.

It is understandable why this happens, but shouldn't Column/Page Breaks consume the spacing and the return character and THEN break the column/page? How can I do that?

PS: sorry if there's something wrong with the post. Never interacted through forums in my life .-.

PS2: there's a bug report about that dating from 2007 with latest activity dating from 2017. 10 years and no progress on this...

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