Autosave is activated, not working

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Twice in the past week and once before in trying to apply pagination (not detailed or addressed herein) I have had Scribus crash: "Crash-Signal 6" twice in the past week and "Crash-Signal 11" in the past with iMac OS-X 10.13.6 and Scribus 1.5.2.

In both recent cases in Scribus Recovery three Master Pages have not been saved (deleted) and their application in the document has also not been saved (deleted).  Other Master Pages created before and after the three not-saved Master Pages are preserved and are still applied in the document.

Autosave is activated in both Preferences and in Document Setup (every 10 minutes).  I chose the default save to the original document in the Autosave dialog box rather than an option that seemed to suggest autosaves could be to a seperate document.  I have also been using File>Save at the end of every session since the first of the recent crashes.  The three lost Master Pages and their application are not involved in the pagination issues, they are all front matter and carry no page numbers.

Rebuilding these Master Pages and their application is not a great loss, but a real pain.

What went wrong?