Confused with "Restart after other format"and "Restart after higher level"

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I just found two checkboxes under Numbered List tab on Style Manager Window called "Restart after other format"and "Restart after higher level.I could not make sense with them and found no information related to,even after searched the Scribus's bulti-in help file,there was no result.what can them do and how can I making use of them for numbered list,thanks for your help in advanced and sorry for my poor English.


    hi diyplanner

    this is exactly what it says. take a look at the numbers on my screenshot:

    • the first column shows standard formatting (with 'restart after higher level')
    • in the second column there's no restart. the low level numbering continues with 5.3. (after 3.2.)
    • for the third example i checked both 'restart' boxes.

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Hi utnik,
Thanks for the answer.Very straightforward and informal.