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Printing problems in Scribus

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Available: OS ALT Linux (KWorkstation 8.2), inkjet printer HP DeskJet 1220C (location - localhost, connection - parallel port). When trying to print from Scribus 1.5.3 a standard file (test1.sla), a blank sheet of paper is skipped instead. If I replace the current print driver with others, the following occurs:

* CUPS + Gutenprint v5.2.14 - 1 blank sheet is skipped
* Fumatic / pcl3 - the printer does not respond to printing.
* hpijs 3.18.12 - the last line of the file is printed.
* hpcups 3.18.12 - 2 blank sheets are skipped.Does Scribus require a dedicated print driver to print? Any advice on this issue would be grateful.

if printing from scribus doesn't work, just print from a .pdf reader – it's the standard workflow anyway.


You might try the software RIP »Turboprint for Linux«:

Since printing usually works from a PDF viewer, the issue is obviously not with the printer driver, but rather Scribus printing code.

Yup, all you need is a postscript printer or a software RIP to use a non postscript printer. I had Turboprint for macOS and a PCL large format printer, that setup worked like a charm. Unfortunately the large format printer died too soon…


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