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I can't find the paragraph numbering option either in the properties box or when creating a new paragraph style. Is this feature version dependent? I am using V1.4.8 Windows 32 bit (I asked for 64 bit but it gave me the 32 bit version).

Do this:

Looks like my version is different. I have fewer options in the Windows drop down and after following your instructions I still don't see any auto-numbering options in the properties window. See attached screenshots. Maybe the Windows version has fewer features.

You should definitely read the manual or wiki!

The paragraph effects tab does not appear for me under styles in 1.4.8 for Windows (I tried 32 and 64 bit versions on two different PCs). See attached screenshot.
However I have now installed 1.5.8 development version for Windows 64 bit and it does appear there (but not in the properties window), so provided that version is mainly bug free I can use that.


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