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Please explain if Scribus supports automatic paragraph numbering (as in LibreOffice). Thanks in advance for the reply.

Yes it does. Paste some text, connect the text frames, press cmd+a (on a Mac, on Windows I don't know the shortcut to select all text), open the »Text Properties«, select the font face, scroll down a bit until you reach »Paragraph Effects« and select your desired settings. You can also define a Paragraph Style in Menu -> Edit -> Styles and apply the style to your selected text.

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Thank you for the answer. As I understand it, I should use the Numbered List option. Is it possible, in addition, to assign numbers of different colors to text paragraphs, that is, so that each number has its own style?

Probably. Define a new »Character Style«, assign a specific type font and color, then select this new Character Style in the box at the bottom of the screenshot (-> Char Style)

Thank you for your help. Indeed, everything turned out for me exactly as you advised.


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