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Recover data from Scribus file

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This is a huge download. 321 MB.
I was able to view XML using XMLCopyEditor (in Ubuntu 20.04 with 8GB RAM).
The document shows 6080035 lines.
It checks as well formed XML.
But that is as far as I ventured
The document can be edited as XML if one knows what to edit, where to break up.
Python could also be used to parse XML.

So I don't really get how it got so big either. I thought neither images nor imported texts were really saved within the .sla?
I've also tried to recover some of the text: most were originally imported from external files, because something weird happened with the windowing that didn't allow me to define styles and I just found formatting text outside was just easier; but some were later corrected in scribus. And yes, it was planed to include a good bunch of images, but they were supposed to be just links?

ok - after splitting your file i saw that almost all the content was on pages two and three (>300mb). then i deleted more than three millions of duplicated text frames. (looks like accidentally created multiple duplicates…)
i'll send you a link to the (so far) cleaned file by pm. there are still 305 paragraph styles and 160 colours. but i'm not going to clean this part as you should be able to deal with the file again.


Thanks a lot! Yay!  :D
I don't really know how so many text frames were around, though. Mi mouse does have an issue of double clicking sometimes but  :o and I couldn't even imagine what were wrong... I'll be checking some other way to keep things organized and visible.
And do lots of backups. Thanks!


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