Newby: Centering document in window and menu icon sizes

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Does Scribus allow for the centering of the document in my window?

I don't like having it always left of center.

Also, the menu icons are a bit small.

Is there a way to enlarge them and/or turn them into vertical menus?

I've checked in Scribus' preferences, but can't find a way to modify the look.

Thanks in advance.

- Brian


Hi Brian.

For centring the document in the window you really only have the options here:,804.0.html (Neither is high-tech.)

I don't think there's a way of making the menu icons larger within Scribus itself. (You can increase the size of the text in some menus via "Preferences / General" but not the icons.)

However, menu size in some systems is controlled by the OS - for example, the combined top menu bar in OSX is not under the influence of the Scribus Preferences - so there may be a way of increasing the size there but it would depend on your system set-up. You could try looking in the "Accessibility" area of your system's Control Panel (or whatever it's called on your machine).


Thanks for the centering tip.

Adjusting the 'scratch space' in preferences did the trick.

- Brian



I see this topic is already old, but the problem with the icons still remains.

I've tried on MATE to change the size of the windows to HiDPI, and while it works with other softwares (like LibreOffice), the size of the Scribus icons remains the same (I've tried to use gtk2 als theme, without succes). That's kind of problematic when using a big screen.

Does anyone know another solution? Maybe changing the icons themselfs in their folder?

I would thank your creativity!


Well, just saw this

Pitty there have been no work around this topic. If screens continue getting more pixels, soon the toolbar will disappear from sight..

Creative solutions still welcome!