misplaced full stops at paragraph ends - why !!!!!!

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Iain Attwood

I have a problem I can't find the solution to.

In some of the paragraphs on some of the pages (it does seem to be pretty random) the final full stop or other punctuation at the end of the paragraph is placed at the beginning of the last line of the paragraph. When I go to edit it does a funny kind of backwards delete and I cannot edit it either in the Story Editor or in the text frames. It seems to be blocked.

e.g. (this a last line of a paragraph which is affected)

Here in this town you´ll find all kinds of services and there is a
. pedestrian zone in the centre

I can not find a way of editing around that misplaced final full stop.

How can I get around this small but recurring problem ? It is the only thing which is keeping me from finishing the book

Thank you


hi iain

could you show an affected .sla file?
it's really hard to solve problems in the empty space...


Iain Attwood

hi Utnik,

Sorry I did not see your reply. Can I ask what a .sla file is ?

I have tried to rectify the issue in the Story Editor by editing the affected paragraphs by clicking Align Text Justified and Update Text Frame. But the changes will not be saved and it keeps reverting back.

This problem only affects less than 50% of text. I have used the same technique throughout the book.

It is frustrating,

Thank for your reply, I will keep an eye out for your answer




Hi Iain,

.sla is the extension to Scribus files, he is just asking to upload your Scribus file for others to review to help find the problem.