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I am currently testing »PDF Checkpoint«, a software for macOS that checks an exported PDF for errors. No, I do not test this software to verify Scribus generated PDF documents, but to check PDF documents from another publishing software. However, I dragged a Scribus PDF document into the software and got a warning: Missing PDF/X key: PDF/X-3 (2003)

Would it be possible if the developers could check this feature and include it in future releases? Or do I have to post this in the Scribus Mantis Issue Tracker forum?

[Edit] I will post it there anyway now, so I won't forget it.

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Hi toyotadesigner,

pdf/x-3 was always problematic for me and a newer version of /x-4 is much better. x-3 did not handle spot colors, transparencies and something else I cannot remember off the top of my brain ;D I believe that the profile needed to be included in the metadata of the pdf along with other information such as trapping, this could be the problem... I do not have Scribus available to me atm, but I would highly recommend an alternate profile be used. Sorry I could not help you out further.




Hi mnawij,

thank you very much for your information. I have posted this problem in the Mantis Issue Tracker forum and someone looked into it. Scribus generates clean PDF/X-3 files, it was the PDF checking program that didn't interpret the file correctly. I will modify the »Preferences« now and switch to PDF/X-4, have some documents printed and check the outcome.

The thread is located here: https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=16517

I really appreciate your help and input!