Importing Text and then Justify

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I have a text file like this:

First Piece of Text \t Second Piece of text

The \t is a tab character.  Both pieces of text are variable lengths.

How can I get Text1 flush left and Text 2 flush right?  Clicking on Justify doesn't seem to do anything.


I don't know of any software that can do a flush left and simultaneously flush right alignment in one single text line. The alignment command is always »per line«, not for snippets.


I have cracked it!  Just replace spaces with chr(255) i.e non breaking space in both Text1 and Text2 then have an ordinary space between the two.  Align Text Forced Justified then does exactly what I want.....


Add a right justified tab just before the right side paragraph margin.

The paragraph shall of course be left justified.

It should work (I use this for table of contents all the time, but mainly in Word, though I see no reason it should not work in Scribus).