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Can't access my image files


Hi, I am not able to insert an image into the image box as none of my images or image files in my computer show up in the box when I click on 'get image. Also my document files don't open' . The images are scanned in and also saved in word. I did manage to open one file in 'cloud'but the dpi was very reduced. Sorry if this sounds stupid. I have windows 10 and just downloaded scribus today after watching lots of videos. Thanks for your time.

hi jocelyn

first some questions:

* what is your scribus version?
* where are your images? (local on your computer, on an external drive, in the cloud…)
* what is the file format of the images? (.tif, .jpg…)
* what means; "my document files don't open"? can't you open your .sla files by double click? ore with 'file' → 'open' or 'open recent' inside scribus?
scribus may not work well with items in a cloud. i always work with local resources.


Thanks for the advice. I managed to access the pictures once I put them in a 'local' file and not in 'cloud'. Really appreciate the help. Utnik you are a star!


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