Author Topic: how to get started on imported pdf?  (Read 518 times)


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how to get started on imported pdf?
« on: March 19, 2021, 01:26:05 am »
I am hoping to use Scribus to clean up a publication that was originally created on google slides. I have saved the google slides presentation as a pdf, opened that in Scribus, and saved it as an sla file. But I have no idea how to begin editing.
I know I should probably work through the intro tutorial, but before I do that, wanted to ask some advice.
- Can Scribus be used to edit something that comes from a pdf?
- I'm used to text editors, but Scribus is obviously way beyond any software I've ever used in complexity. Any guess of how long a learning curve someone with not a lot of experience beyond basic editing, might expect? I know these are vague questions.
- For what it's worth, the project I'm working on is a Jewish prayerbook, partly in Roman letters & partly in Hebrew. What i haven't been able to do in google slides is get those lines of text in adjacent text boxes to line up with each other in any reliable way.


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Re: how to get started on imported pdf?
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2021, 06:30:27 am »
hi nancy

this project may be doable with scribus, but scribus is not a .pdf editor and (depending on the original file) rebuilding might be the faster task.
even when you check 'import text as text', at least every line will be in a separate text frame. (and it may be misplaced…) i would rather open the file with 'text as vectors' and use the opened file as a background to rebuild the whole file on one or more layers on top of it and finally delete this background. if you copy the text from the .pdf file and paste it in a text frame in scribus, there may be hard line breaks. but you could paste it in a text program (like libreoffice, word…) and clean it before you place it in the .sla file.
as you see, this is not the easiest first task to learn scribus. you may need more time than you expect, as you need to to learn the basics of a frame based program.