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I have tried to search a solution, but everything I have found is rather old or inconclusive.

Is there a way to get from Scribus to Amazon Kindle e-books? I have everything ready in Scribus, exported PDF is just fine and even Amazon Paperback is fine.

Possibly the way would be via EPUB - don't know for sure.

I'm using Ubuntu Studio, Scribus version is 15.5. and there is an EPUB-editor in Ubuntu Studio.

All the attempts to read exported PDF to something else, results "ti" and "tt" characters to turn into blocks. Don't know, if this relevant as such since the way might be through images. However, with Kindle Paperback import, PDF worked just fine.

Try Pandoc conversion in Ubuntu?

On reflection, possibly not .. but more ideas here ..

suggesting Calibre by command line.


--- Quote from: dragonfly on February 27, 2021, 02:54:46 pm ---Try Pandoc conversion in Ubuntu?

On reflection, possibly not .. but more ideas here ..

suggesting Calibre by command line.

--- End quote ---

OK, thanks a lot for the tips! They are needed.

Thanks for the tip again!

Actually, Calibre is included in Ubuntu Studio (latest version 20.04 in use). Interactive converting has many options, but I couldn't get it to work. The original problem with "tt" and "ti" (possibly something else) does not convert into characters, but are empty in the outputted EPUB.

I tried to exclude all the fonts, which I couldn't embedd, but that didn't help. I also tried to exclude all the random use of fonts and thus being outputted into PDF, but nothing really worked. My PDF was also worked with Adobe Tools (not freeware), but there was no joy.

I'm kind of leaning to the possibility that certain fonts "just don't work" - which would mean that I need to find other fonts - which is just some work, but possible. If that don't work, not sure what could be done.

Any comments on these matters?

The best solution is to work in the other direction.

Create the contents for the e-book in Calibre, then import the contents into Scribus for print layout.

The problem you are having is the support for ligatures.

I did a quick google search and found this:

--- Quote -----keep-ligatures

    Preserve ligatures present in the input document. A ligature is a special rendering of a pair of characters like ff, fi, fl et cetera. Most readers do not have support for ligatures in their default fonts, so they are unlikely to render correctly. By default, calibre will turn a ligature into the corresponding pair of normal characters. This option will preserve them instead.

--- End quote ---


It seems the defaul option would convert them to separate characters, by maybe you have set an option to keep ligatures?


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