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I have a roughly 200 page document (a book) with a picture and text on every page.  When I deleted page 52, all the images from the new page 52 onward were thrown out of position.  The pages in question are master pages, one for the left and one for the right.  It's as if Scribus is not taking into account the fact that odd numbered pages (on the right side) have different margins than even numbered pages (on the left side). And therefore when images that were on the right side are moved to the left side and vice versa, they are incorrectly placed (i.e. placed without regard for the change in margins).

Is this a known bug?  And how do I delete pages such that Scribus keeps images and text properly positioned on the pages that follow the deletion.

I'm using version 1.4.8.


Master pages stick, so if you remove a page, the following left hand pages will still have the right hand master page etc.

You would have to re-apply the master pages to all pages after the removed page. (Or remove two pages, or insert a new page)


I'm not sure I understand.  The pictures that were originally on the right are now all on the left (after I deleted page 52).  I can't fix this by turning the left master pages into right master pages since the left pages needed to be formatted with margins for the left.

I think I can work around this situation given the needs of my project.  But it seems to me that it's impossible in Scribus to delete a single page of a book without screwing up the alignment of everything that follows.  But maybe I'm missing something?  I see how adding a blank page would fix this, but I wouldn't want to add a blank page to my book just because my software requires it.


You would apply left side master pages to left side pages. Not change any master pages.

The previous right side pages have now become left side pages, but still have the right side master pages applied to them.