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Hardcover B5 template needed


Dear Scribus friends

Anyone who can assist me with a B5 cover template for hardcover book. I attach a PDF to explain the measures.

I find it hard to understand how to do it.

Thank you so much.

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hi unisound7

the .pdf file shows a template which is a bit smaller than B5. is this exactly what you need? or do you need a hardcover in B5? or one for a bookblock in B5? and how thick will the bookblock be?
the 'width' of your document is 2×width of the block + thickness of the block + 10.8mm.
the 'height' is height of the block + 6mm.
the bleeds are 17mm all around.

i would set the margins at 3mm and place guides for the spine.


Dear utnik

Thanks for your kind reply. I will check with the printery and get back to you.

My email is in case this is easier to communicate with you.

My best wishes

hi unisound7

i wouldn't place an email address in an open forum post. if you need it to be private, just click my user name and 'send pm' – but as long as there are no 'secrets' involved, we should keep it open…



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