Paste vector frame format–position many frames quickly

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I imported a vector SVG drawing into one page and adjusted size and position (it exactly fills the content area, within margins).

Now I want to import several more different vectors into other pages. The position and size of those frames should be the same save the left/right position difference.

What is the quickest way to do that?

Currently I import the vector, click on a page to make it appear, adjust the position and size manually in Properties window. Snapping to grid helps a bit but it's still super tedious.



Thank you!

I also found the Scribus Generator extension and it's wonderful but it rasterizes my SVGs on import and the quality is poor. I wish Scribus allowed for linking to vector files instead of importing them as scribus objects so they can be edited. I don't need to edit them in Scribus, I need to export into nice vector PDF.


I have been experimenting with dynamic scripting of SVG properties (and indeed SLA which is also XML) and posted my research in the ScribusGenerator issues closed.

You might pick up some tips from articles listed above.

Be warned, it is a hacking process involving adding custom mime.types, but it does work.
It is useful to have in your bag of tricks if you are frequently editing SVG files to import.

[Later edit] I add this related discussion.

In particular this idea from berteh:

QuoteIf you need to script the export SVG>PNG (or other) you may be interested in another script of mine: