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joe ferguson

Apologize to the forum for this (simple) request.  I have searched online for over an hour and cannot find the answer.

Can I use more than one font within the same text box or do I have to create a separate box for each font?

If it's possible without creating multiple text boxes, what is the procedure?




You can definitely use the same text frame and have multiple fonts inside.


All you do is select your text, and then using the text properties, you drop down the font you want to apply,

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joe ferguson

Thanks, digirew for pointing me in the right direction

My main problem as a newbie, was figuring out how to select the text:  first you make the box red, then you double click, then you click and drag to select text, then f2 for properties, then click text, the rest becomes obvious.


And of course you can use different styles for the text in the text frame. Actually using styles is a lot better than applying direct formatting.