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joe ferguson:
My problelm is the opposite of a previous post by Froom2 where my text boxes have a grayed outline which doesn't print on my .pdf.

What I am looking for is a solid outline on the text box.  I have messed with Tools, stroke etc per GarryP in previous post but to no avail.

I temporarily resolved the issue by placing a rectangular shape around the text box so now I have a solid line showing around my text which I can manipulate for line width, which is what I wanted.  But now I can't edit anything within the shape without deleting the shape or moving it off the page.

Surely there is a more elegant way of getting a visible border around my text boxes?

first you can move the new box to back and then easy edit your text, you could also make the box first the way you lie it then turn it into a text box

hi joe

i never had a problem with colored text frames (background and/or stroke color) – just go to 'properties' → 'colors'.
the hack with an added shape on top or below the frame will eventually lead to a misplaced border when editing your layout…


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joe ferguson:
Thanx to both of you.  You caused me to do a little more hunting in the right area and I found a solution.

in my version (1.4.8) in Properties>Colors there is a little icon that looks kinda like a paintbrush.  If you hover over it a little box appears that sez, "Edit Line Color Properties".  You can then change color from None to one of the several choices in the box.

Done and thanks again

hi joe

--- Quote from: joe ferguson on February 14, 2021, 04:18:23 am ---…You can then change color from None to one of the several choices in the box.
--- End quote ---

but that's not the end of it. if you like to create your own colors for your project, take a look at this chapter of the floss manual of scribus.



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